Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quote of the Day: True Love Is Dead, Dead, Dead

(((Asinine ads; the whole credit racket; gender, pre-nups, and credit; man's best friend: dogs or

If we'd gone to, I'd be a happy bachelor with a dog and a yard.

Run credit checks on potential wives, before they wind up stomping around her parents' basement (doubling as your apartment) while you pick up some extra cash filming an ad for a credit monitoring service that purports to be free but will cost you money when you sign up. Yes, because your real dream girl would never default on a credit card, which is such a character failing that it would be much better to write her off (like bad debt) and buy a house for yourself to share with your dog, since (a) credit is irreparable, and (b) the only alternative to getting a loan for a house is the parents' basement (you can't rent if your spouse has defaulted on a credit card).

There are so many repugnant elements to this ad that I can hardly organize them to spew venom about them: assumptions about the nature of credit and responsibility, about marriage, about finding and working with life partners, and you did notice the way the ad perpetuates gender stereotypes about women spending money they don't have and then pouting around the apartment? And, for that matter, about men and how much better it is to just have a dog and a house than to have to deal with a woman (heh, all you guyz out there no whut i mean, rght?).

Oh, I'm such a stick in the mud. Just read the comments below this post on YouTube.

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