Monday, January 07, 2008

Quote of the Day: Coke is Hardwired

(((Coke / Coca-Cola; underlying psychology of soft drinks; advertising; selling caffeine-sugar drinks that are, admittedly, pretty tasty, but, really, who are we kidding that there's a "time" for Coke?)))

Coke's head of marketing Mary Minnick, sez:

We believe there are times or a moment in the day when only a Coke will do.

How can they make such a statement, you wonder? Well, "Ms Minnick said Coke had been studying 'the underlying psychology of beverages' to understand 'why consumers are drinking what, when and where.'" This is the realm of scientific soft-drink studies. It turns out that evolution has favored those species who drank Coke at certain times or moments in the day (which have turned out to be the "right" times), and this explains why, in the underlying psychology of humans, there is a right time to drink Coke. And the science says Coke, by the way, not RC or Diet-Rite or Pepsi "colas."

Stay tuned for further developments. Speaking for myself, I'm pretty sure there are times and moments in the day when only a Guinness will do. Indeed, that might be pretty much all day . . . except for the Coke parts, I guess.

Ms. Minnick did not say but surely would have, given the opportunity, that for all those other times and moments, there is Dasani. And PowerAde. And Sprite. And don't forget Diet Coke and Coke Zero. They're working on a gcal calendar that you can subscribe to, once they've got all the moments in the day figured out. Of course, it'll be wrong because it's not Guinness, but whatever.

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