Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Standards Do, After All, Facilitate Communication

A spec for My Enemy's Enemy is my Friend (MEEF), via nettime.

Abstract MEEF, My Enemy's Enemy is my Friend uses the World Wide Web Consortium's Resource Description Framework (RDF) to allow for automatic generation of ontology for networks based upon shared antipathies.

Status of this Document. This is the first draft proposal specification for MEEF. It provides a description of a basic vocabulary which can be used in generating MEEF applications. MEEF files can be added to documents and web resources as Unicode. Versions of MEEF will incorporate the FOAF vocabulary in order that friends of your enemies can also be readily identifiable.
Sample properties:
This property identifes the enemy's favourite tv programme.

This property specifies social networking mechanisms used by the enemy. Where FOAF is not used, other tools must currently be used to identify their 'friends'.

Enemies love some things. It is important to be able to identify them.

This property locates a URI where a rumour concerning the entity can be found. Rumours may be generated without including any of the identifying characteristics of the entity and assigned to multiple enemies. The re-use principle is important.
And let's do a declaration:
A sample MEEF declaration incorporating FOAF:

<foaf:name>George Bush</foaf:name>


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