Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ambivalent Much? Confused Much?

According to a new poll, Israelis support a two-state pact by 70% to 26.5%. That's pretty clear, but of course there are several problems.

First, that's a large minority in opposition, and odds are they're pretty dedicated. I reckon they're the same group who've held such efforts back for a long time. Remember Rabin?

Second, the same poll showed that 63% oppose giving up the Golan in exchange for full peace with Syria. Not only is that its own problem, but where exactly is that Palestinian state going to go?

Third, there is still deep ambivalence about supporting Abbas even in the face of Hamas. Fewer than 55% could even support releasing frozen funds, while 39% oppose it. Hello? And we wonder why Palestinians, Arabs, and other Muslims are radicalized (i.e., toward Hamas) on this issue?

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