Wednesday, January 30, 2008

QOTD: No Joe-mentum for McCain

(((John McCain; Joe Lieberman; how they won't be running mates; whether Joe has learned that losing doesn't mean you keep going.)))

Answering questions about whether or not he would be interested in running as the number two on a GOP ticket headlined by John McCain, Joe Lieberman said:

No, I'd tell him, "Thanks, John, I've been there, I've done that. You can find much better."

Truer words may never have been spoken. On the other hand . . . who will McCain find to run with him?

I do find it amusing, though, that McCain was being asked this question about running with Kerry, who is way to the left of him, although Lieberman is at least in McCain's ballpark, maybe even to the right of him. But these kinds of cross-party-line ticket stories seem to keep happening around McCain, no one else.


shag said...

i've never heard a dem talk about why they'd vote for mccain. so why? do you know?

shag said...

i meant: yeah, I agree about how people speak about a mccain /dem ticket, but i've never understood why the appeal of mccain to liberals/dems.

Jeffrey said...

well, if you watch jon stewart with him, you'll get it in a nutshell. he was making noises the other day--last night?--with peggy noonan about obama and mccain as the sort of two outsider-y people. but even the way stewart sometimes fawns over mccain (and mccain is a good sport with the show, no doubt), i don't know that he would vote for mccain.

i guess he has this sort of vaguely rogue, buck the establishment aura about him (which is not entirely deserved, iyam), and that appeals to non-GOPsters.

that's the only thing i can think of. a lot about him is kind of reprehensible, and i remember way back, maybe it was ten years-ish ago, mother jones or maybe the nation went so far as to run a whole thing about how american lib-leftists needed to remember all the problems with mccain, as even then they were getting infatuated with him.

shag said...

god damn. i can't seemt o log in and comment. trying again.

Jeffrey said...

but you DID. lol.