Friday, December 21, 2007

Quote of the Day: O, God, You Are Soooooooo Big!

(((More Alfred North Whitehead; nonsense is nonsense, as Lewis said, even when you talk it about God; maybe there's a reason the "God of the philosophers" doesn't make any sense at all to people who aren't philosophers)))

Among medieval and modern philosophers, anxious to establish the religious significance of God, an unfortunate habit has prevailed of paying to Him metaphysical compliments. (Science and the Modern World, 179)

So, yeah, God must be able to do anything, and God must at the same time be infinitely good, and so both desire to stop evil and be able to stop evil. So, what you think is "evil" actually isn't.

Yeah, that's intuitive.

God knows everything, even what hasn't happened, yet, and what might happen but won't, etc. etc., so God can know that you will do something that results in, say, the deaths of millions of people, but won't stop you. Also, God hereby knows non-existent things (things you haven't yet done aren't yet real; things you never do are never real). He doesn't have an opinion about them, mind you. He knows them.


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