Tuesday, December 18, 2007

NuTV: Really Actually Truly Actually Real

(((Reality TV; tortured semantic gymnastics; CourtTV-->truTV; the really real and the actually actual; "Truthiness TV" already kind of taken)))

CourtTV is now advertising that they are about to become (on January 1) truTV. Their tagline is, "Not reality. Actuality." Because "reality" TV has forced the notion of "reality" into such contortions that we have to use another word to mean real things.

Er, wait. I mean, we have to use another word to sell the same crap as if it were more real than "reality TV." Right. That's it. "Actuality TV" = "(Really real) reality TV."

What enquiring minds really want to know, though, is when FOX New Channel is going to change their name to "Truthiness TV."

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