Friday, November 10, 2006

Benedict Better Watch Out

According to "Bible prophecy," a John Paul II impostor is coming (back) as the eighth king after Benedict XVI rules for "a short space." I'm sure it's news to Herr Ratzinger that the Bible itself predicts his early demise.

The thing that always gets under my skin about these things, which are otherwise barely amusing quackeries, is that they utterly deny that the revelation given to the ostensible author had any relevance to him or to the people with whom he shared his revelation. So all the persecuted Christians of the time were apparently being misled by God, because this "prophecy" was meant for us, not them. Just like the chastisements and promises of the Hebrew prophets (aka, real prophets) were meant for Christians rather than for the Hebrew people to whom the prophets delivered their messages. Why would anyone trust such a deceptive God?

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