Sunday, October 15, 2006

Straight Folks: Be Afraid (of Gays), Be Very Afraid

An appalling ad campaign running recently on WV television stations by the West Virginia Family Foundation uses the oldest, most transparent scare tactics in the book to promote a constitutional amendment defining marriage as straight. I will try to get the ad posted to youtube if i can get it captured. In the meantime, visit the WVFF site and click on the link to watch the video. It's thoroughly cheesy, but disgusting nonetheless.

In the end, especially since the legislation was defeated, I am inclined to see this campaign (or at least its failure) as a positive sign. Not as positive, of course, as a religious campaign favoring the rights of gays and lesbians to marry, or separating marriage as a religious institution from marriage as a civil institution (the solution I prefer). But I think these people really believe they're losing. And I think they're right about that. Back in the day, Jesse Helms and George HW Bush could trot out thinly veiled racism to ice their election wins. Now, even in WV, the Christian right-wing can't even go full-blown homophobic and win.

And if you're gay and want help, by the way, the WVFF has a spiffy directory of groups that can help you overcome your abominable sodomitical ways. God luvs u, but He hates your sins! Can you imagine the New Coming Out Day? Come out of your homosexual shell! Inside every fairy/dyke is a straight woman-loving man/man-loving woman! Let the real, straight you smell the air, feel the sunshine, and bask in the love of the fag-hating God.

Who, you surely know by now, also hates shrimp.

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